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How a Zany Oakland Karaoke League Teaches Partygoers About Ranked-Choice Voting

“I like that it has an educational element built in. As you’re going through the process of voting, you’re watching each round’s rank choices in the app’s animation, and through eliminations, you can visually see how many votes everybody starts with and how they are distributed."


RCV Education with RankedVote

"Tad Milbourn discusses RankedVote, his online ranked choice voting (RCV) platform for running contests, making decisions with the broadest support, and educating voters. "


The Startup Aims to Simplify A Hot Electoral Trend: Ranked Choice Voting

"It’s not just elections where Ranked Choice voting can be used, he adds. It’s been used by businesses trying to take the pulse of employees, and for use in selecting the nonprofits that a company’s charitable arm supports..."

In a shifting political climate, Middleton startup wants to strengthen democracy...

"Ranked-choice voting is the basis for RankedVote’s software, Milbourn said, adding that’s what sets his company apart from similar online voting mediums..."

Middleton tech startup believes it has found a better way to vote

"In the year and a half since it launched, RankedVote has been used by Fortune 500 companies, homeowners associations, social media influencers and even local and state election officials, hosting more than 20,000 elections with 340,000 voters..."


Nice try, pollock: How Alaska’s most prolific fish almost won the state’s ranked...

"The state Division of Elections established the tool to give Alaskans a chance to practice ranked choice voting before it’s deployed in real elections next year..."

Pepperoni Dominates NYC's Ranked Choice Pizza Topping Vote

"Altogether, over 20,000 people voted on the toppings, which culminated in de Blasio announcing the winner by performatively munching on a slice topped with pepperoni..."

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