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Voter Education

With RankedVote's "Grid" ballot type, you can train voters online using a ranked-choice ballot almost identical to what they will use in the voting booth. Ranked-choice voting is used in Maine, Alaska, New York City, and over a dozen other locations across the United States (see full list).

Key RankedVote Features: Unlimited Voters, Unlimited Candidates, Candidate Description, Group Affiliation, Grid Ballot Type, Multiple Winners, Voter Languages, Multi-Office

Favorite Fruit

Introduce voters to ranked-choice voting with this simple election.

Best Foods (Multi-Office)

See how a multi-office election experience works.

Past US Presidential Races

See how group affiliations, candidate descriptions, and multi-office combine to create a robust experience.

Best Local Pizza Spot

Raise the stakes with a topic people may feel more passionate about.

Best Local Pizza Spot (Spanish)

Engage specific communities in the language they know best.

Three-Seat City Council

Show the power of multi-winner elections in a real-world scenario.


Ranked-choice voting is fantastic for speedy group decision-making. Ideal for businesses, home owners' associations, student organizations, and any other group where members have an equal say.

Key RankedVote Features: Multi-Office, Multiple Winners, Voter Registration, Allowed Voter List, Duplicate Voter Detection, Private Results

Leadership Election

Choose leaders from within your organization.

Quarterly Awards

Determine the top four winners for an award.

Decision Prioritization

Select the most important initiatives to tackle when resource-constrained.

Group Preferences

Get a clear read on what works best for the group.

Fun & Entertainment

Engage your audience with fun and simple ranked-choice polls. Create a poll in minutes and share via text, social media, newsletter, or any other online medium.

Key RankedVote Features: Unlimited Voters, Unlimited Candidates, Social Sharing, End Date

Movie Night

Figure out what to watch amongst friends.

Vacation Location

Determine where the group should go this summer.

Best Summertime Beer

Settle the argument with the power of ranked-choice voting.

Most Ambitious

Which villain from popular culture was really thinking big?

Best Weezer Album

It's a knock-down drag-out battle amongst fans.


Bring ranked-choice interactivity directly to your web site. Have your visitors vote on the favorites without having to leave your web property.

Key RankedVote Features: Subscription, Embed


See RankedVote embedded into a example web site.


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