Is Ranked-Choice Voting on the Ballot in 2020?

See where ranked-choice voting could soon become a reality, improve representation, and lead to better elections.

Change is in the air...

People across the country are looking for political innovations that can strengthen our democracy. In numerous states, ranked-choice voting initiatives are on the ballot this election. Read on to see where these initiatives are in play and how you can help get them enacted.

Ranked-Choice Voting on the Ballot

Four states are voting on varying levels of ranked-choice voting adoption in November. If all were to pass, over 8 million additional people would live in jurisdictions benefiting from ranked-choice elections. What an opportunity!


Measure 2 includes numerous electoral reforms for Alaska. Ranked-choice voting would apply to general elections in Alaska including the presidential.

Get involved: Check out Alaskans for Better Elections to see where you can make a difference.


Question 2 is focused specifically on bringing ranked-choice voting to Massachusetts elections. Both the primary and general elections for state and federal offices would be allowed to use ranked-choice voting. Presidential elections and city/municipal elections are excluded from this initiative. As of

Get involved: Donate and volunteer for Voter Choice Massachusetts "Yes on 2".


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